Top 5 Blackjack strategies to know

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Top 5 Blackjack strategies to know. Blackjack is card game played between several players and a dealer. Each player plays against the dealer, but not against each other. This game is one of the most widely played casino games in the world. The objective of the game is to get a score higher than the dealer without your score crossing 21. Or, you have to win against the dealer by making his score cross 21.

Top 5 Blackjack strategies to know

If you want to beat dealer at the game of blackjack in a live casino or even on an online website like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, there are a few techniques and strategies that you must know. First the most important thing is to know the basic strategy. Without that, you are definitely just going to waste your money. Make sure you are well aware of all the terminology used in the game like double down, stand on, split etc.

Given here are some ways that you can implement to win at blackjack.

Top 5 Blackjack strategies you need to know

  1. The basic strategies: Basic strategies are something you need to know 100% before you go and start playing. Or, it is an advantage to the casino and you are at loss, unless you get really lucky. Some casinos let you bring cheat sheets with you. That lets you know some important stuff like- always split the 8’s, never hit you 15’s and double down you 10, all based on what card the dealer is showing.
  2. Mathematics and probability: Blackjack is all about mathematics and probability. And two games of blackjack are never the same or even similar. It all depends on the number of players and the number of card decks used. You are going to need high thinking skills to win on it. One good strategy is to keep a count of the face cards that have come out.
  3. Bet strategies: Even placing a bet has some strategies that you should definitely know about.Increase you bet by 1 when you win
  • If you lose, play the same amount that you just bet previously
  • Never head more than one unit ahead in any turn. If you started with a one-chip bet, the maximum bet on the next should be 2 and not anything higher.
  • If you are playing aggressive approach then, double the size of bet every time you lose. But, it is not advisable to use this approach unless you are at expert level, to avoid huge losses.

     4. Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Always hit a soft 17, split 8’s and double down on 11. And, you should always stand hard on a 17 or anything greater than that.
  • Never split a 5 or a 10. Never stand on a 12 or a 16 if what the dealer is showing is a 7. Never over bet or feel pressure.

5. Know the table rules: Make sure what you are playing is a standard blackjack game. Know the other players. Read the table limits and understand the maximum and minimum you can bet in each hand. Also, be aware of any other special table rules. This will help you all throughout the game. You need to set a limit for yourself (one that you are comfortable with) and by doing that, you are actually deciding what you are willing to risk. you are free to quit when you think you have earn enough or quit immediately when you think you have lost enough.

 It is important to know all the strategies and techniques before you play the game. Failure to do so might result in losses. Or, you can say it will definitely lead to losses. Strategy and thinking is the key to any game of blackjack.

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