Tips to Beat the Casino in Dragon Tiger

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The dragon tiger game was first introduced in Cambodia. Among other games offered by both land-based and online casinos, the dragon tiger is perhaps the easiest one. However, the house edge is still higher than baccarat. Don’t be afraid, here are tips to beat the casino in dragon tiger!

Originating from Asia too, the dragon tiger uses the similar rules applied in baccarat which is very popular in Macau. Players do not play against the dealer, they just need to guess which hands have a card possessing a higher value. The hands are called the dragon and the tiger.

Tips to Beat the Casino in Dragon Tiger

If you have mastered card counting, you have to know the number of decks. In fact, any number of decks can be used to play this game. Yet, the casinos usually use six or eight decks of card. You can find an example of a live dragon tiger game at the Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia.

The Profits from Each Bet

The main bets—the dragon bet and the tiger bet—have the best profits. Although the bet only pays one to one, its house edge of 3.73% is the lowest among all bets offered by the game. Hence, it is recommended to place your wager on this bet, especially if you are still a novice in the game.

Nevertheless, casinos will not easily let you leave with profits. Of course, you will lose the bets if you make a false guess. In addition, casinos will also charge you with 50% of commission rate if a tie occurs.

You might think that it’s better to try your luck on the side bets. Well, it’s alright. You can gain profits from those wagers too. Just make sure your luck was supported by well-mastered strategies.

What you should keep in mind is that you should never place your wager on a tie bet, unless you are sure that it will occur. The reason is that the house edge of this bet is very high; it reaches 32.77%! However, the bet pays eight to one.

Unless a seven card appears on the hand which causes an automatic loss, the big bet and the small bet provided you with a better chance of winning compared to the tie bet. Its house edge is only 7.69% and awards you with a payout of three to one. You simply need to guess whether the card’s value is over or under seven.

Strategies and Tricks

Actually, you can play the game by relying on your luck, but you can maximize your winning chance by applying card counting. It will assist you to make a sensible decision which boosts your opportunity. You might also want to keep track of both suits, big, and small cards. Nevertheless, you must not that usually the decks will be shuffled by the dealer once the first half of the deck has been dealt.

Even though there are only a few tips to beat the casino in dragon tiger, they are guaranteed to increase your winning chance. After all, the game itself is very easy. Using the tips that we have shared will help you gain more profits and sharpen your gambling skill.

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