Ramsey loss proved vital for Wales in semis

Ramsey loss proved vital for Wales in semis

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History was repeated would be a fit reaction to the turn of events that went under with Ramsey loss in UEFA European Championship 2016. The turn of events was quite similar to what happened during the FIFA World Cup 1958. The only difference was that it was the quarterfinals during the World Cup and this time around it was the semifinals.

During the World Cup 1958 it was the debut of Wales in the world’s biggest football tournament and they climbed up the ladder to the quarterfinals quite smoothly with the help of renowned Welsh player John Charles. Wales defeated Hungary 2-1 in a play-off determining it to be one of the best performances of Wales of that time. The victory took them to the quarterfinals against Brazil where they lost 1-0. Chances for that match were greatly hampered by the absence of John Charles who was ruled out of the match; he was ruled to sit out due to an injury.

Ramsey loss proved vital for Wales in semis

Gareth Bale would be the most sifted Wales player but Aaron Ramsey proved it in France despite those new hair highlights that he has packed mightiness in his suitcase to travel around smoothly throughout the tournament.

Ramsey loss proved vital for Wales in semis
Ramsey loss proved vital for Wales in semis

Ramsey made great use of the pockets of space he found in his intellectually appealing midfield position. He had a crucial impact during the group stage match against Russia, where Wales won 3-0. He was rewarded the Man of the Match for that match and simultaneously it landed the Welsh the top spot in Group B ahead of England and advanced them to the knockout phase to play against the third-placed team of Group C, Northern Ireland.

The knockout match against Northern Ireland was won easily without trouble, but it was the next match against the world ranked two, a team of the Belgians, which was regarded as the best performance of the Welsh so far. The only setback that Wales suffered in the victory was that Ramsey was suspended which cost him the semifinals with Portugal.

Ramsey played an essential role in the match against Belgium which was said to be the match that put it on the map. This was also the first appearance of the Welsh in a tournament in 58 years and as well as the UEFA and to back it all up with praise, they managed to secure a spot in the semifinals with great effort from Ramsey who made four assists in the tournament and one goal for the Welsh. It was unfortunate for the team that their best performance also marked the night when Ben Davis and Ramsey were both suspended from the match against Portugal – Ben for bringing down Kevin de Bruyne (Belgian forward) and the latter due to a handball.

Lack of presence of such a great midfielder from the team cost them a lot. Ramsey had created five chances for the team to get back in the game during the match with Belgium. He had set himself apart in this tournament and proved to be a reliable member of the team.

The manager of the team, Chris Coleman, acknowledged that Ramsey’s absence undermined his side. Lee Dixon, Roy Keane and Craig Bellamy, former Welsh players agreed with Chris on the fact that the country missed Ramsey’s fearlessness on the midfield which was quite evident during the match itself. Ramsey not being at the disposal established his absence as a major element for his nation’s defeat.

It would soon be the end of the tournament but it is the beginning of Welsh football with Ramsey in it, being a force to be trifled with.

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