Over or Under Betting Strategy Explanation

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On all the wagering options, over or under betting strategy is the most popular for sports bettors from Sportsqq288.com The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. This wager is also known as totals. This kind of wager is made on how many the total points, goals, or runs would be scored on the game. A straightforward wager, and it can be a good one to take, it is based solely on statistical analysis, match ups and recent trends. Below here is the over or under betting strategy explanation.

Over or Under Betting Strategy Explanation

Using this kind of wager, on the sports betting site you’ll find both teams listed and then the totals and other information concerning how much the cost of wager is. Usually an over or under is listed at -110. However, some times when a bookmaker takes draw action one way or another; they can be listed the over at -110 and under -103.

Over or under listing includes the game time, who will be playing, visitors are usually first, and the over or under wager option. Typically it will look like this:

7:05 New York Giants     +37.5 (-110)


Dallas Cowboys -37.5      (-103)

On the above example, if you think that 38 or more points will be scored, you will choose over and bet with 100MYR to win 100MYR. However, if you decided to think that the score is less than 37.5 points will be scored by both teams, you can possibly win 100MYR by wagering 103MYR. That’s a great deal, but if you want to make sure you have a higher winning odds, you should opt for the under bet. Remember, a deal is only a deal if you can make money with it.

Over or Under is Best Combined with Another Bet

Some of you may think that over or under will be good to pair and create a parlay where you can choose to make a spread and totals bet on the same game. Over or under is one of the better parlay bets to play because it is based on the overall view of the teams and projected results. The payout on two-team parlay pays 13-5. There are lowest odds on any combination wager, but this two-team wager for the same game is the easiest to cash-in.

Things to Consider Before Betting

Before making your totals wager or over or under, research each team first, including coach changes, player injuries, recent trends over the past weeks or so, and how scores did the teams made in recent games. Matchups is important factor to consider in over or under. How effective each teams defenses and offenses can make, are there any gaps that they can exploit? Like any other betting options, totals or over or under takes about the same amount of effort and analysis.


In total the over or under betting strategy explanation, wagering on over or under is a great chance to make lots of money, considering that you have factored each teams. When you bet on over or under you just need to do your research and make well-reasoned decisions and be smart with your bankroll.

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