Increase Your Odds with the Best Roulette Betting Systems

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Among all casino games, roulette is the easiest to understand. Nonetheless, in both land-based and online casinos like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, the easier the game, the bigger the house edge. Therefore, you must increase your odds with the best roulette betting systems if you wish to win a decent amount of cash. One important thing you must note is that there is no betting system which ensures you to keep on winning. For hundreds of years, players have tried to come up with various systems to earn some cash from roulette, but they will lose in the long run. Otherwise, casinos will be bankrupt.

Increase Your Odds with the Best Roulette Betting Systems

Some players have also tried to categorize those systems. The three of categories of roulette betting strategies are progressive betting systems, betting zones, and predictive systems. Each of them has its own special characteristic.

The progressive betting systems have been used from about a hundred years ago. Its characteristic is determining your bet based on what happened on the previous bet. The betting zones systems’ wager covers sections or specific numbers of the wheel assuring player’s win. The predictive systems have two branches. The first is the bias wheel system, exploiting flaws of the wheel, while the dealer signature system exploits dealers’ characteristics in spinning the wheel.

The first system is the Martingale, which is the oldest and most commonly used by gamblers. This system means doubling up the next bet after losing the previous one. It assumes that by doubling up the bet you can win back your lost money and gain one unit profit. If you are not satisfied, you can apply the Grand Martingale system in which you double up the next bet and add another unit. You can win frequently by using both systems, yet you will get out of the casino empty-handed in the long run.

The Labouchere system or Cancellation requires you to make a line consisting of some betting units. The first bet is the sum the first and the last numbers. If you lose, you write the previous bet at the end of the line and repeat it again. If you win the bet, you drop the first and the last numbers.

The d’Alembert systems require you to decrease the bet on a section or number after you win. On the other hand, if you lose because of a section or number, you must increase the bet on it. The idea is of course wrong. The Oscars Grind system urges you to bet the same amount of money after a loss and increase the wager after a win.

The Paroli systems urge you to wager aggressively on a section (red/black, high/low, odd/even) when a hot streak begins. The Shotwell system covers several specific numbers which are evenly spaced. The Red systems take advantage of the red numbers in the third column.

Another trick is betting on a Biased Wheel. In order to do this, you need to find the wheel having some flaws causing the frequent hit of some numbers. Tracking the dealer’s signature move and velocity is another system that many people believe.

Although you have small chance to increase your odds even with the best roulette betting systems, they are worth trying. Who knows luck is on your side while you are playing? However, never expect that they can alter the house edge much.

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