Get Transported to Egypt with the Cleopatra Slots

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Be ready to Get Transported to Egypt with the Cleopatra Slots!

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to play the mysterious Cleopatra Slots game. This will take you to the land of Ancient Egypt. Malaysian betting sites will provide a unique environment for your online adventure, with very realistic computer graphics. You will think you are there, in the land of Ancient Egypt, the pyramids, sphinx and the eternally beautiful Cleopatra.  There will be hieroglyphs, the ancient picture language of the Egyptians. This will be combined with icons and images or the ancient Egyptian gods and mythical creatures.

Get Transported to Egypt with the Cleopatra Slots

When you play the game in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website, you will able to get very large payouts. As a result, Cleopatra Slots has become a worldwide hit. The game can be played for free. There is no need for a deposit. Also, you do not have to bother with a download.

Get Transported to Egypt with the Cleopatra Slots
Get Transported to Egypt with the Cleopatra Slots

You will hear Cleopatra talking. Along with the detailed graphics, there will be animation to help you really live this experience.

So do you want to take the plunge and enter the world of Cleopatra?  All it will take is an initial 50 pounds as a bonus deposit. Then with 60 pounds more, you can start playing the game properly.

Win Big at the Cleopatra Slots

In case you weren’t aware, Cleopatra VII Philopator or also popular as Cleopatra is known as the last pharaoh of Egypt. She ruled for more than 21 years. As a matter of fact, she’s an important member of the so-called Ptolemaic dynasty, a descendant and a family of the Greek origin, Alexander the Great.

Now to look at the Cleopatra slots machine in more detail, there are six reels and twenty pay lines.  You have entered the land of the Pharaohs. You will now become an Egyptologist, and join “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” You will learn to decipher hieroglyphs, the tools used by the Ancient Egyptians, the different Pharaohs, the mystical cat god the Sphinx and Cleopatra herself.

When these symbols align, then you will be showered with treasures. You will then unlock deeper secrets. And this will lead you further so that you can find spectacular hordes of cash. Your opportunities do not end there. There are more riches to be had.  You can get more spins for free as well as additional bonus points. There are “wilds” and “scatters” to be had. You can be further benefit for more cash prizes.

In the world of Cleopatra Slots. Keep your eyes open for three Sphinxes, displayed as “scatter” symbols. This will take you even further by giving you 15 more spins. Which are free. These free spins can be increased up to 180! Enter this long, lost land and reap the rewards that are there for you.

Enjoy the Latest and Improved Graphics on Mobile Version

This 20-line game can be also enjoyed on smartphone and other mobile devices. What’s great about this game is that, it utilizes most of the imagery from the culture of the Egyptian. Its game developer incorporated them into the regular game play. Most of the symbols, which can be found on the reels, vary – from the Sphinx to beetle and hieroglyphics. They are all related to Egypt.

Playing this game will definitely make your forget about time. Not only because you could win big, but the game has itself spoken for enjoyment and accessibility.

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