Basic Rules of Soccer

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Soccer is the most famous game in the world. Many people over the world play this game. Apart from that, it is simple to play and offers a lot of fun for players. People those who like to play this game they want to know various facts.  In addition, it is also known as football in worldwide. The main objective of the game is to score the most goals. The game is played almost 200 countries.

The field of the soccer must be rectangular that will be made with a specific measurement of width and length. The rectangular area also consists of the end lines and sidelines define the areas of play. This is a goal at the each end and surrounded by netting. Apart from that, the goal is also set in a specific measurement. The soccer ball is important for player’s acts significant role in this game.

Basic Rules of Soccer

The balls are leather with a white and black pattern, although it may be any color. However, the circumference of the ball is specific inches. In this game, 4 main roles are available such as midfielder, attacker, defender, and goalkeeper. Midfield is mostly comprised of 3 or 4 halfbacks that must be on the offensive and defend the goal.  3 or 4 defenders known as fullbacks are the defense last line before the goal.

The positions of attacking are called forwards and team members usually employ 2, 3 or 4 forward players. The game of soccer is preceded with a tossing coin. The team wants to choose the toss whether want o defend or kick off. After the completion of the coin toss the game is started. However, the soccer is started with a kick-off and players start to kick off may not kick off the ball again until other players have touched it.

Basic Rules of Soccer
Basic Rules of Soccer

The team of the players attempts to pass the ball to each other players by dribbling and kicking it until one of them in a position to score through the process of heading and kicking the ball into the goal. At the time the goalkeeper only may allow touching the ball with the hands.  When the ball is gone out of the bounds through crossing the sidelines, it is restarted by a throw in. when the ball is crossed the goal line without entering the goal then the game is restarted by a corner kick of goal kick.

Penalties are effectively awarded

Offenses like being offside that also happens if an offense member is closer to the opponent’s goal than the soccer ball at any moment.  Free kick is awarded to the opposing team indirectly. After that, a goal has been scored and then the game is restarted by the kick off from the players those who was scored against.

The game is restarted in this way after halftime this is also occurs 45 minutes into the game. In this game, players want to wear professionals matching shorts as well as jerseys feature the individual numbers. Apart from that, the goalkeeper acts an important role, so they want to wear unique and different colored jerseys to distinguish themselves. The players are also wanted to wear gloves to protect the hands. In addition, shin pads are highly required for players those who play soccer.

Shoes with cleats made up of plastic or rubber that is worn.  The professionals wearing are important to give a perfect look for players. However, some kind of wearing is used for safety purposes.  However, the player also needs to understand the rules and then start to play this game. People those who interested to play the game they are want to play this game.

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